Part 1: The Project

We do not have k-mart or Walmart or dollar store here in Finland, but we do have similar stores. One of them Jysk which originates from Holland if I remember correctly. They had this sale where 40 white LED cable designed for outdoor use was 2 euros so I got ten of them. Instead of going crazy over the holidays and trying to lit my apartment with these lights I am planning to make something out of them. One reason was to make christmas gifts for people out of them, but since my MS is slowing me down and it is christmas eve today I decided to write series of blog posts about the progress and give people link to it so they can follow what they are getting as the project progress. Knowing my luck (and speed) it will be summer by the time I am able to finish these project so people can enjoy the lights in the fall of 2018. I will also try to fix the upload issues I have with my server so I can upload pictures in future posts.

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