Eternal Terrarium

Since I have a six years old son it is sometimes fun to do projects together when one is found. Like this one making an eternal terrarium inside a light bulb.

My son gathered the tiny rocks, sand, moss and a branch as the cork while I walked, or almost crawled, to the car to get light bulbs which I had still in the trunk.

Back at home at the kitchen table I started to open the end of the light bulb. The plastic was really hard and I used drill to crack it so I could get the pieces out. Then I tried to brake that glass part that was inside the bulb which I was able to eventually do. I tried to clear out a second light bulb, but it broke into my hand. Luckily I was wearing gloves. Once everything was set we started filling the light bulb. It was not really an easy process, but we got it done, eventually making a real mess on the table.

This was the first time I used hot glue gun and watching so many videos from youtube I thought that the 10W glue gun was not so powerful and would take time to heat up. So I decided to turn it on straight away so it would be ready when it was time to seal the terrarium. I did glue the light bulb on a rock, like on the video, and after that we filled it. When the bulb was filled and water was added twice it was time to seal it. I sticked the branch in and sealed it with the glue. Since I had the glue gun on for long time most of the glue was melted and since the gun was tilted. as they usually are, it pressed out of the nozzle. But now I know better.

Here is one picture of our project. My son filled the bulb and we are very happy with it. Will it start its own ecosystem is something we will see in the future. I hope it would at least it has nutrient since it has those rowans inside. They have a lot of vitamins in them.


This was one of those nights that I was not feeling up for it, but sitting by the table doing this project with my son I was able to do quite well.

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