3d Macbook Pro

Having type 1 Diabetes and (most likely) MS-disease can be a pain in the butt and bring difficulties in life. Sometimes it can be really bad and bring you down quite drastically. My MS-disease symptoms are mainly on my right leg making it difficult two move it. Best way to describe it would be that the brain sends the commands, but the leg just do not respond. It has also got into my right arm making it difficult to move and sometimes feels useless. And of course the fatique which is quite often the most paralyzing symptom for people with MS-disease. Sometimes I am so tired that I feel like just giving up and doing nothing just laying on the bed for the rest of my life. But one thing I would not be able to handle in this situation is the losing of the mind so that is why wont stay in bed. I would probably go insane if I would not do something. Although life is difficult I still try to move on and do things. Like buying a 3d printer! Prusa i3 rework 1.5 with aluminium frame (almost both Geeetech with acrylic frame). This is one of those DIY printers so I have to assemble it someday. It has been lying on the table for almost two weeks and I thought I would start assemble it. Going trough the box I noticed that there were no instructions, but a link to the instructions.

Another project that was waiting was fixing an early 2007 15″ Macbook Pro. I have two of them. One has busted motherboard, but everything else is in working order. The other one looks crappy and one arrow key was missing from the keyboard and I think it didn’t even originally work. So my project was to disassemble the part where the keyboard is and change them between the laptops.The screws on the Macbook Pro are tiny and having very poorly working right hand they are more difficult to handle. I also have early 2011 17″ Macbook Pro which have new memory and SSD which needs installing. Originally I planned do that upgrade at the same time, but I realized that with my condition this is not going to happen. I was able to take the screws apart from the working MBP and I tried to pry the “lid” from it which I was eventually able to do after I noticed the screws I missed. After I was able to take it apart I could repeat the process on the busted MBP with the working “lid”. The reason I took the other one apart first was that it was going to be replaced anyway and the arrow key was not working so if I broke it during the process I would not repeat the same mistake when taking the working one apart. This is something that I usually forget to do and not being careful I end up with half working apparatus or a pile of garbage. Always try to think before you act! This is a golden advice for those who do not always do that, like me.

Now that I had both “lids” taken apart it was time to place the working “lid” on the working MBP. The connector was quite tiny, but it was quite easy to put in place once I got it positioned correctly. Now that I had the “lid” in place I had learned a thing or two while messing around with things and watching youtube. Without screwing anything into place I tried to put the battery into its correct place and place it so that it would not fall of. Then I booted the MBP and tested the keyboard and the touchpad and everything seemed to work properly. So I shutdown the MBP and now it was time to put it together. Putting the screws into place was a real pain with my not so well functioning right hand, but I managed to put things together. Some screws that hold the “lid” I was not able to get in place properly. They stick out a little, but not much. I might try to replace them some day, but that is something that I might not do. I now had working MBP with working keyboard and I was happy. For me the whole process was exhausting and I did nothing else that day. I did not start assembling the 3d printer or upgrade the 17″ MBP, but at least I got something done. I just have to remember that with the fatique I am not able to do so much and I have to do things in little steps to get something done. For example the 3d printer assembling process is on going for almost two weeks and still continuing.

Using clippers to get some help


During the time I had this post pending and under review I did upgrade that 17″ MBP and it is now so much faster. I have also continued that 3d printer project and the exturder is almost ready. Then it is the heat bed and the electronics and then I can try to do a test print.

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