Why are we here

Why are we here? Well I do not know about you, but I am here to keep some form of diary about my electronics projects. I have components and plans for projects for the next hundred years and I though about making a blog about them. One of the reasons being that I am too lazy to start these projects and I thought maybe it would help if I wrote about them.

I am still learning electronics and while I was at the polytechnics I did not learn anything about electricity or electronics. It was actually after I finally graduated (14.5 years of hard study =) that I got involved in electronics and started to learn about it. I had been interested on the subject when I was a kid, but never got around to really learn about it. I actually got the inspiration to start when a friend of mine gave me a little nudge on the right direction and suggested that I started with simple pedal like a distortion pedal.

So here I am flooded with projects to be done and the intention is to learn along the way. I thought I would list the projects I have parts for and which I have already planned to do at some point and which these blog posts will be about. New projects might come when I get the inspiration.

Here is the list of the projects I can remember:

  • Piezo preamp (Almost done piezo, volume knob and enclosure missing)
  • Distortion with possible tone (distortion stage done tone must be tested)
  • Envelope follower for bass
  • Ultimate Big Muff (switchable components)
  • Function generator with XR-2206
  • Bench power supply face plate (using ATX power)
  • Cleaning Sega Mega Drive (trying to get the audio working)
  • Fixing Echocord Minicord tape delay
  • Gameboy modding
  • Perpetual motion device
  • Arduino guitar pedal
  • Echo pedal with HK723 and/or PT2399 (Rebote)
  • Automated laser pointer for cats
  • Sega Mega Drive controller
  • NES controller
  • Effect (possibly distortion) into old CD player casing
  • A-B switch pedal without locking switch
  • Arduino temperature logger
  • Arduino soil moisture logger
  • Trip wire (laser or IR)
  • Custom key box using keyboard chip and push buttons
  • Mini Tesla Coil (3V version)
  • LED lighting “tube”
  • Oscillator
  • Oscillator module for synth project
  • Envelope module for synth project
  • Filter module for synth project
  • Moog filter (pedal and/or synth module)
  • Amplifier module for synth project
  • Design and etch some PCB
  • VU-meter possibly the LEDs inside acrylic sheets

Now that is the list I can remember from top of my head. Of course some random 555 projects in the spirit of learning how to use the 555. If you look at the list you will find some common themes there like effect pedals, old school console stuff, modular synth and Arduino. Being a programmer the MCU’s are closest to my heart.

Watching too much The Ben Heck Show building an old school console or some form of computer/gaming system with Z80 is something that is in my head, but it has never gotten into to my to do list. I actually have my fathers “Programming Z80” book so you can expect that I will do some Z80 related project.

Also something that I might do at some point in life is tube bass amplifier. But that is not going to happen until I get these projects done and get the hang of basic electronics.

I might even do Andy’s Simple Fuzz once again. I did it once, but it did not work so I took the parts out of the breadboard. It was after this that I learned that the power rails on the breadboard are in two parts, spilt in the middle. Yes I learned that the hard way when doing another project and really doing some trouble shooting. But hey what are you going to do I am graduated fully educated engineer.

Being an engineer it might be possible that I create a device that will give me unlimited time so I will have time to build TR-808 (which schematics are currently open in my browser) and ARP 2600. You never know..

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